Shindaiwa 491S 20 inch 50.2cc Chainsaw


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Shindaiwa 491S 20 inch 50.2cc Chainsaw

Features for the Shindaiwa 491S-20 Chainsaw


Shindaiwa offers the 491S-20 which features a lightweight cutting ability with a powerful engine. Provides a chrome plated cylinder to extend engine life, along with a magnesium crankcase to provide lightweight durability. This chainsaw provides both power and comfort as your cutting.

  • Professional Grade Engine: Offers a 50.2cc professional grade engine, gives you outstanding power to cut even the biggest of material.
  • Automatic Clutch-Driven Oiler: Provides with the ability to automatically oil the chain while also not having to use as much oil. Saves you time and will save you a clean up.
  • Chrome Plated Cylinder: Offer an extended engine life where it’ll never fail on you. Continues to run after heavy usage.
  • Magnesium Crankcase: Provides a lightweight durability, houses and supports the crankshaft and its bearings. Gives the ability to withstand in not so nice conditions.
  • Heavy-Duty Air Filter: Continually filtrates air to remove debris, provides for a longer engine life.
  • G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner: Increases engine life by spinning out dirt and other debris prior to filtration. Allows your self less time of cleaning out debris and more time to complete your task.
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